True or False


True, trying to catch up some, sleep is ovrrated.

Next person plans to go shopping when the day arise.


next person will spend at least 5 minutes scrolling down to see the comments


False, I would rather use the slider to the right, this one here ->

Next person already forgot what to post. :grinning:



Next poster will forget about his dinner?



Next person has at least one good friend on each of the six continents. (Antactica not included.)



The next poster will write his/her one of the friend name.



Next person has at least once been on each of six continents.


False - only two

Next person enjoys food from other cultures than their own.



True, I love all sorts of foods from a variety of cultures.

Next person is looking to do a short trip soon.


True, to my mailbox at the road.

Next person likes to bake his own bread.


true. next person seems like a joker.


False (I think; I'm not sure how I seem to others, but I don't think of myself that way)

Next person has blue eyes.



Next person has blonde hair


True, nowadays. Light brown years ago.

Next person did get his first regular job as a teen.


False. I was 23.

Next person has been on an oil-rig.


False, not even visited one.

Next person knows more than three programming languages.



Next person is trying to pick up a new programming language.


True, I'm going to. Not yet decided which though.

Next person has at some time tried to edit live memory blocks.



Next person is triggered.


My in game alias in G3TTR1GG3R3D or something like that, so technically?

Next person is still at work.