True or False



Next person has once got his fishing lure stuck in the back of his head.


True. Sometimes, I get it stuck on my cloths while casting.

Next person is a fish.


True, though astrology is a scam anyway.

Next person will be here any moment now!



Next person is always late.


True, the later a decision is, the better it turns out.

Next person is always true.


True. Got to stay true to one's values.

Next person seeks the truth where lies lie.


True at times, I suppose...

Next person prefers cycling to swimming.



Next person knows what to call a triangle that would touch all sides in a square. :stuck_out_tongue:


equilateral triangle :thumbsup:
Next person. She/he hates pepperoni pizza.


False. I like pepperoni. If I get sick of pepperoni, I usually do half pepperoni and half custom.

Next person is thinking about what to have for dinner.



Next person knows what to call a "triangle" that measure the same length in all directions and so will touch all four sides in a square with its three sides. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


True ("impossible" or a "Reuleaux triangle", depending on what you had in mind )

Next person knows the differnce between an isosceles triangle and a scalene triangle.


True, the isosceles is symmetrical and the scalene is not.
(The Reuleaux triangle is aka a cylindrical triangle.)

Next person has studied topological ideas.


False. I don't do math and math doesn't do me.

Next person made a tree house when they were young.



Next person wants to learn tap dance.


True (although I doubt I ever will)

Next person speaks at least three different languages


True, but I need a while to switch the mind or I will mix up words whithout noticing. :grinning:

Next person has been online since the bbs era.



Next person is under 30 years old.


False, by the magnitude of two and a decade

Next person has a wolf pack nearby seeking pray.:fearful:


False, but we do have Coyotes in the surrounding area.

Next person is working late.