True or False


False, not even close. Some I would never go to, ever.

Next person can only dream of a fiber connection.


True - we don't even have a tarmac'd road!

Next person loves Brussels sprouts.



Next person is spending time with family today.


True, all days with few exceptions.

Next person is a quick moderator.


False (today, at least; I'm distracted by doing tasks for Santa )

Next person can dance a tango.


False, I love listen to "Suomalainen tango" especially with Finnish male singers, but I'm challenged in dancing.

Next person didn't know that looking down (bending the neck) when on slippery ice will minimize the risk of slide and fall. (And that looking up at the stars will guarantee a fall backwards.)



Next person is a mathematician.


False - but used to be true. :slight_smile: It was my favourite subject at school, and I once scored 100% in a university maths exam, but I've forgotten most of it now.

Next person has learnt Latin and/or ancient Greek.


False. It would be useful though when so many of our words are rooted in Latin.

Next person soon can relax from all season excitement.


False, or at least I bet it is false, as we'll still be traveling over the next couple of days. Plus I'll still be home until January 3rd and boy are the kids super excited.

Next person is ready to ring in the new year and has grand plans for it.


True, I've great plans for it later on. But for the start I'm ready to build a nice headache cheering it and my dog is ready to hide under the bed during the fireworks.

Next person has yet to fulfill the old promise not to promise anything for the new year.


False. The next person is watching Netflix



The next person received a great Christmas gift.


False, I actually don't engage in anything Christmas. I really am that lucky!

The next person is definitly in for cheering the new year but will quietly keep the dog company during all the fireworks.


False. I don't have any pets.

Next person is looking forward to more snow


True, I am, and I admit I don't need it.

Next person has steered his car into a ditch full of snow, on purpose or not, at least once.


False (I can't drive).

Next person has an older sibling.


True, six of them are older, only one is yunger

Next person has more than a dozen of next of kin.


Not even into a ditch?


True. Not going to tell you why.

Next person has had a near-death experience.


False, in the sense of having lost conscious been fatally ill or wounded but made it back. (The light in the tunnel kind I guess.)

True, in the sense that I have put my life at risk on several occasions that other people didn't expect me to escape alive. (The giving flashbacks kind.)

Next person has lost at least one kept animal to a predator seeking a meal.