True or False


False. But I believe that could also be true. I guess you could reply to a post but not posting it, leave that topic, and have auto save still saving your work. Then you can post outside of that topic and still get the correct topic.

Next person's last meal was at 12 AM.


False. It was 10am.

Next person has travelled on more than one continent.


True - Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

The next person is being pinned down in bed by their, very contented, sleeping pets.


True, that's my excuse, occasionally.

Next person is always behind schedule.


True. Time is not my friend. I always seem to be racing it everyday.

Next person loves time traveling movies.


False - I prefer the real thing :slight_smile:

Next person is sitting in front of a real log fire.


False, it is a computer screen. It doesn't even smoke (yet).

Next person prefers the chopsticks at the Chinese restaurant.


False - I prefer the chow mein :smiley:

Next person prefers Indian food to Chinese



Next person thoroughly chews the fresh garlic and stays cool.


False. I tend to eat my food when it's warm.

Next person pulled an all-nighter last night.


False, I threw it.

Next person has at least once ridden a horse bareback.



next person is posting from job


Welcome to the forum @rosaliecalcun
The "Next person" is to (un)verify the statement in the last post, not post #2 or any other, only the last in the thread.

Now, have you been riding a horse bareback at least once?


True. that's one theory of many.

Next person has posted before in this thread.



Next person is listening to the radio.


True. At what to right now and they usually have the radio on all day.

Next person is dreaming of a white Christmas.


False. Green is nice. (I'm not the Bing Crosby type.)

Next person would rather hang the children's stockings in a palm tree than the fireplace.



Next person has watched a lunar eclipse from start to finish.


False, I was probably sleeping. I also once forgot to bring my "welding glasses" when I had an opportunity to watch a total solar eclipse (lasted a few minutes).

Next person doesn't need much to get a burning suntan.


False, I don't tan.

Next person has visited all the countries in the world.