True or False



Next person has come on himself to click-tap on an ad in a printed paper.


False (but after doing a lot of test-burning of candles I was making, I once blew on the light switch to turn off the lights ).

Next person is hoping for a white Christmas.


True (but in vain I fear)
Next person has cut his/her own Christmas tree


True, that was a long time ago.

(@TechnoBear - Lucky you didn't try to set the light on. )

Next person is a metrology nerd that has found a summer command that would override winter. (I wish)


False (I have all sorts of spells, but that isn't one of them)

Next person will be working on Christmas Day :eek:


False. I'm officially on vacation starting today through the end of the year :slight_smile:

Next person is also going to be on vacation soon


True. I get off next week.

Next person is going to over sleep on their vacation.


False :frowning: I have kids who are early risers.

Next person is going to go sledding over the holidays


False (sadly; we don't get enough snow )

Next person will be celebrating Christmas in summer.


False. I live in the upper hemisphere. I believe we are getting around 8 inches of snow or more.

Next person likes drinking hot coco inside on a freezing winter day.


False, I need hot coffee.

Next person just came in from a freezing winter slide version of walk the dog.


False, don't have a dog right now sadly.

Next person is a smooth jazz fan.


True - love a bit of jazz.

Next person is not feeling festive.


True, never been comfortable with Christmas.

Next person a Jedi master has become.


False - but according to Running Bear, I'm married to one. :slight_smile:

Next person has never watched any Star Wars film.


False - I've seen them all

The next person is delighted to have their pets home with them again.


True (if you are referring to my Wife and Children... otherwise, I don't have pets)

Next person is glad to finally have their driveway ice free. :slight_smile:


True when the spring arrives.

Next person has a full set of winter utilities: skis - skates - sledge - sunglasses - and a steep hill nearby.



Next person is a rookie at cooking.



Next person did not post here.