True or False



The next person understands the difference between a statement and a question.


False. English is my 2nd language. PHP is my first. Jk. No, I seriously don't know.

Next person to post has defended off a bear attack.


False, the mate i have since four decades is a carefully choosen gem that I will keep the dearest until I die.

Common advise: The key to a healthy relationship: Give and demand absolute faithfulness (and make not even a singel threat to split if the partner doesn't fold). Trust is the foundation.

The key to a flourish life together is to not try to mould your partner to your view of life, but respect the partner's will and how s/he wishes to form the own life.Your task is to support your other half when it's important for her/him.

EDIT) Apparently I took a long time to finish this post, Beaten three times in a go,

Decide if I have to resurrect and take him out or if I can spin it to ease the situation.

False, I could move sideways to safety so the attack never came,

True, In short: a statement is telling, a question is asking.

Next person are about to propose to a nice girl, and will keep my message here in his mind and they will live happily ever after.



Running Bear sort-of proposed 21 years ago last Wednesday. He was much too nervous to do it properly, so I said "yes" anyway, in case he didn't try again. We've been happily married for twenty years.

Next person has been married for less than a year.


False, it has been 10 years.

Next person is going to be traveling over this holiday


True technically, my parents house is ~ 50 minutes away.

Next person is excited for the upcoming holidays.


False, what ...holidays?

Next person has a Santa duty coming soon.


False. If I was that heavy, I would be concerned about my health.

Next person secretly has a crush on their co-worker.



The next person is taller than their spouse/partner.



Next person is experiencing snow right now.


True, very much.

Next person sees every snowflake is alike.


I haven't see snowflake yet but i don't give care to these things.
Next person.
He/she had at least one bad experience from internet. Specially lost money from crook without take the item ever.


True, annoying email spammers especially, and occasionally an ISP changes owner and "moves" aka loses my data.
And some favourites have had it: The Lavabit tradegy (Ladar Levison explains) and the Groklaw shut down (Pamela Jones explains).

Next person doesn't think face recognition hurts.



Next person has gotten their physical in the last 5 months or so.



Next person has blue eyes.



Next person has a blue car



Next person has a blue house.



Next person has everything in their house blue.



Next person has the blues in house, everywhere.



Next person likes to play the blues in a blue house.