True or False



Next person exercises regularly :slight_smile: .



Next person does not need a car to go to work.


True (Just as well, because I don't drive. )

The next person is wondering why people waste their time Spamming forums.


False, I don't bother.

Next person makes a point to not read a whole spam message, just stops reading and flag/remove it when it's recognized as spam.


True (hence I wonder why folk bother posting it; who do they think is going to read it?)

Next person has eaten Spam fritters.



Next person has already ate lunch.


False. Never had them before.

Next person to post likes jumbo shrimps.


True, I have had lunch already.
True, please bring some here.

Next person is due to a coffee break now.


False - I've just finished one.

Next person enjoys photography.


True in a way. Here is the lastest picture I took. That was a couple of weeks back before it started snowing.

Next person watches the sun set every night.


No I don't.It is boring and it has very cold out .
Next person:
He/She is going to buy a new mobile phone in the next 20 days.


False, bought a new one in the past 20 days :wink:

Next person still hasn't completed their Christmas shopping


True, seems I never will.

Next person has taken a few drinks to sleep at last, it's after midnight, and isn't sober enough to post here. Just checking.


False, and it is well before midnight where I'm at. :slight_smile:

Next person is going to pull an all-nighter within the next week.


True. More like within the next weekend.

Next person is afraid of the dark.


False, I rather feel safer though I once, going to check the mailbox a night in complete darkness, bumped into a moose when I crossed the road. We both jumped backwards. I keep my ears open in the dark since.

Next person does not hunt for large games. (Here it's season for moose now.)


True. I don't hunt, but I want to.

Next person has eaten an alligator before.


False. But it reminds me of the song Amos Moses by Jerry Reed.

Next person occasionally forget to work when listening to music.


True.When I listen music t don't like to work but i am dreaming!!!
Next Person (Hard question!!!)
He/She wants to have an another mate than him/she has now.


False. I don't need find another mate :smile:
Next Person
What should you do when someone knock you out?