True or False


False, my (wife's) birds are common farm animals, geese and ducks.

Next person loves candy apples.


False. I don't dislike them, but I wouldn't say I love them, either.

Next person has made some kind of candy at least once.



Next person prefers an apartment or condor in the city rather than a suburban house.


False. I actually like living in houses. You get to do whatever you want with a house. Well, that's if you aren't renting it.

Next person prefers carpet over hard floor.


True :question:

My entire home is filled with hard floor but I do love having carpet as I have an area rug under my desk / computer setup but thats as close as carpet that I get to. I have too many animals that have accidents to have carpets all around the house :stuck_out_tongue:

Next person has multiple animals.


Not I don't have animals.
Next person He/She has sniffle today.


False, I'm fine.

Next person has thrown a snowball for the dog to catch. More than once.



The next person is vegetarian.



The next person is looking forward to a holiday


True, counting down the days before I'm out of the office for the rest of the year :slight_smile:

Next person is ready for the new year to begin!


True, skip X-mas!

Next person has once uncovered a fake santa. :open_mouth:


False. Santa is real. Jk.

Next person wishes to ride rudolf.


False - although I wouldn't say no to a ride in the sleigh.

Next person has ridden an elephant.


False, at least not yet. I do want to do that sometime though.

Next person is going somewhere special tomorrow


False. The only special place I'll be in is right in my bed, sleeping.

Next person to post loves rock music.


True, and all other intense music. Can't stand jazz though.

Next person loves looong introverted solos in jazz.


False. I may have strange tastes in music, but that's not one of them.

Next person plays a brass or woodwind instrument.


False, but close, I play harmonicas.

Next person likes the sound of Opera Choruses. (Like the Prisoners' chorus in Fidelio)


Some what true. I only like opera at certain times of the day or certain years. I am a jolly person when it comes to the holidays. Reason being is because I only get to see my siblings during those days since they live many cities away and I can't simply just go visit them since I am busy as well. So the only time I get to see them is during holidays. So when I hear opera chorus of any kind or Christmas songs, I get excited because it means that I will be seeing my siblings again.

Next person to post does push-ups before getting into bed.


False, I would wake up on the floor if I did.

Next person reads a blog that has a mandatory squid topic every friday.