True or False


False. The next person has never learned to vim.


False. !wq

Next person to post has never used Linux in their entire life.



Next person prefers a bath to a shower.



Next person has never built a snowman.



Next person IS a snowman.


True, I'm outdoor, freezing to ice, white already, can hardly move, red nosed. What else can I be?

Next person would rather have a winter where the water does not freeze.


True that.

Next person have supernatural powers.


False. If I had supernatural powers, I would abuse them as would anyone. Human kind is full of greed and if anyone says that they aren't greedy, then they are lying through their teeth. We all are greedy in different ways. Some more than others, regardless, everyone is greedy.

Next person to post can't wait for Christmas.


True, but only because I'm off for half of December and am looking forward to that more than anything.

Next person has only a couple of days of vacation time left.


True. I get off 22, 23, and 26 of December. And I also get holiday pay as well for those days.

Next person likes key lime pie.


If it's a pie, I like it :slight_smile:

Next person has never been to France.


False, did a tour of Europe many years ago where I visited 6 countries, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Next person wants to plan a trip that would require a long flight to get there (or a long boat ride)


False, I refuse going to Australia because the 15 hours flight.

Next person would like a stay at the Ice Hotel and take a drink at the Ice Bar on the way home.


False, but I must visit this place once in my life. This might go on my bucket list of things to do before I pass.

Next person has climbed Mt. Everest once.


False. Ben Macdui is as high as I've managed.

Next person doesn't like heights.


False, love heights. I'll be the guy looking over the edge with a camera ready.

Next person is going on a walk soon.


False, not in this windy snow fall.

Next person has found white truffle in the backyard.


False. I wish I lived in a truffle area.

Next person to post has a sweet tooth.


True, but I don't feed it.

Next person is about to go out in the dark to feed the birds supper.


False, I don't own pets.

Next person to post is into exotic animals.