Troubleshooting layout issue on Nexus 10

I launched my site a few weeks ago, and I occasionally use it as an online portfolio. It’s a WP site using a customization of one of the basic Foundation themes.

I’ve tested it on all devices in all the browsers I could. I’ve also used all the the options in the Chrome emulation. The only place I am seeing an issue is with the Blink engine on my Nexus 10–Chrome and Opera.

It’s a simple formatting error, but I can not replicate it anywhere else to troubleshoot it. I would probably ignore a quirk that only appears on one engine for one OS, but yesterday I had a phone interview and after opening my site the interviewer said she saw a formatting issue on her machine.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot an issue only appearing in Blink for Android?


If you can see the bug on your own device then you will probably have to use the ‘trial and error’ method and see if you can pinpoint the problem. e.g. Make some simple changes, upload the changes and re-test. If you don’t have a copy of the device then it gets very awkward to test. You can download various emulators and try and find one that has the same problem and that will allow you to debug perhaps.

You say its a simple formatting problem but what exactly is the problem?

I often see cases of nav items that have dropped to a new line because the author just used padding and content size and expected it to fit all devices. If the issue is a text fitting issue then you have to allow plenty of breathing space and not just make things fit using padding and text content width.

Perhaps if you have a screenshot of the issue or a link to the site then some others here with similar devices may be able to look at it?

It is very awkward to debug the myriad of devices out there but some times simplifying the design can solve a lot of issues.

Thanks for the reply. Right after I posted I read this on SmashingMag.

A few years back I used a boomarklet to get Firebug working on an iPad. I guess I was hoping there was something similar for my Nexus, but I am not seeing it.

On a positive note, the comments in the Smashing article lead me to Responsinator and [URL=“”]Testize, so now I have two new testing tools in my arsenal. Neither reproduced the issue that I am seeing on the physical device however, which definitely gives me some pause re: their reliability.

Chalk it up to our imperfect science I guess. Cheers!

Have you got a screenshot of the problem or can you post a link to the site?

It may not help but someone here may have seen the problem before.

There are few emulators that are really accurate apart from the apple sdk which I run on my Mac and is abut 99.9% accurate for ios devices.