Troubleshooting help - same code on two zen-cart sites, one ok, the other not


I am trying to implement into zen-cart.
To save you to read thru that page:
It consists of:

  • a snip to add before the closing body tag
  • a js file, and jquery

I tested it on a local install, and it works fine, then I tried on two live sites, on one is working, while not on the other.
Can you please help me to spot why.
The working site: editricebahai dot com
The troubled one: tesoreriabahai dot org

Thank you

tesoreriabahai is now fine, for some reason during upload, or on the server the script was put on single line thus it was all commented; reloaded the file, and this time the script is on multi lines.

So I tried loading the script into another (zen-cart) site - cadante dot com - and though the script is on multi lines, and other files are the same it does not work.


Fixed it. It was a jquery referencing error.

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