Trouble with form?

Do not understand PHP. I have a basic Form like this & can get it to send to email but need to add more fields.

the above uses:

$email = $_REQUEST[‘email’] ;
$name = $_REQUEST[‘name’] ;

mail( “”, “Feedback Form Results”,
$name, “From: $email” );
header( “Location:” );

This PHP Script

like this

The Above:

$name = $_REQUEST[‘name’] ;
$email = $_REQUEST[‘email’] ;
$country = $_REQUEST[‘country’] ;
$day-arrival = $_REQUEST[‘day-arrival’] ;
$month-arrival = $_REQUEST[‘month-arrival’] ;
$year-arrival = $_REQUEST[‘year-arrival’] ;
$day-depart = $_REQUEST[‘day-depart’] ;
$month-depart = $_REQUEST[‘month-depart’] ;
$year-depart = $_REQUEST[‘year-depart’] ;
$transfer = $_REQUEST[‘transfer’] ;
$comments = $_REQUEST[‘comments’] ;
$submit = $_REQUEST[‘submit’] ;

mail( “”, “Feedback Form Results”,
$name, “From: $name” );
$email, “From: $email” );
$country, “From: $country” );
$day-arrival, “From: $day-arrival” );
$month-arrival, “From: $month-arrival” );
$year-arrival, “From: $year-arrival” );
$day-depart, “From: $day-depart” );
$month-depart, “From: $month-depart” );
$year-depart, “From: $year-depart” );
$transfer, “From: $transfer” );
$comments, “From: $comments” );
$submit, “From: $submit” );

header( “Location:” );

I would like have all these form fields email to email address.
& I’ll work out validation later & if you know of any easier scripts please help


Here’s the form and PHP code you need with HTML headers for the email and a nice clean CSS form, download below and follow this


Change: to your email

Thanks All will try it l8r today.

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In your first script, the message part of the mail contains only the $name. Add all new fields to the message part.
If you don’t know how to concatenate strings in php, read this: