Trouble with devbridge autocomplete plugin

I am using the autocomplete plugin from devbridge (plugin page).

On the page where I am using it, I am actually inserting textboxes into a div via ajax after the page is loaded, so in order to apply the autocomplete plugin to those textboxes I am using the jQuery .on function like this…

$('body').on('change', '#rightColumn', function(){
			serviceUrl: 'jobCodeSearch_AJAX.cfm',
			minChars: 2,
			onSelect: function(suggestion) {
				alert('chosen: ' +;

and I am manually triggerign the change event on #rightColumn when I insert the textboxes.

So with that said - this is only half working.

When i try typing in the inserted textbox, the results are coming up in the autocomplete as they should, but if I click on one of the result, it is not populating the textbox.

If I use my arrow keys to scroll down to one of the selections in the autocomplete and use the tab key to select it - it works every time, but clicking doesnt seem to work.

I am really not sure what I am doign wrong here - can anyone help??


It’s hard to say what’s not working based on the coed you posted.
Could you share the link to your site, so that we can get a better picture of what is going on?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it is not available outside my company’s network so I cant post a link but let me know what other code I can post to give you a more complete picture.

Oh ok, in that case could you make a stripped down version of your page that illustrates the problem you’re having and post that.