Trouble with CSS in Firefox

I am having trouble with the navigation arrows at the top right of blog post slider on homepage and next to youtube video on homepage. It displays correctly in Webkit though. What am I missing? I even tried to replace it with an image but that didn’t quite work.

It works exactly the same in Webkit and Firefox for me (Mac).

Looks OK in Opera.

The windows equivilant is the same.

Likewise on Ubuntu Linux.

I think you must try the Firebug add-on of Firefox which will help you a lot . Install Firebug add on and when you will open your website in firefox , then you will see Firebug at the bottom right side of the screen. Click it and start playing with.

I hope that you can edit you site according to it.

I used firebug and it looks like the html arrow cards aren’t showing up. Im using Firefox 11 on mac. On my girls computer, a pc with FF 11 it shows up also. Im confused, is it a browser setting or something?

Try clearing your cache, perhaps? Ralph is using FF on Mac and it’s showing for him, so perhaps you’re viewing an older version of hte page in question.

In Firebug on your setting, does the arrows show up on the CSS? Like, does the CSS that should be showing it, show up?

Well now the customer put maintenance page back up. Grrrrr. When I used firebug the css showed fine. In the html section the div had an href tag and between the two it was blank like this “> <” with out an arrow. If I manually put the enitity code in the firebug panel it would display in the panel, but still not on the site. It seems I am the only one with this problem which is even more frustrating.

If you are the only one with the issue then I would not bother fixing it :). Perhaps get some online browser shot of it so you can see if others are having the behavior. doesn’t include FF11 in its’ list of browsers, so find another service :).