Trouble reading in SOAP file to simpleXML

Hi im having trouble reading in a SOAP xml file into simplexml. Ive looked around and I think its because of the namespaces (soap:Body). Does anyone know a way around this?

A portion of the xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
- <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
- <soap:Header>
- <UserCredentials xmlns="">
- <soap:Body>
- <PostAdvert xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="PostAdvertSchema.xsd" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
- <Adverts AccountNumber="" xmlns="">
- <PostAdvert>
  <Classification>Sales & Marketing</Classification> 
  <Position>Design Consultant in London</Position> 
- <Description>
- <![CDATA[  DESIGN CONSULTANTS<br/><br/>Dolphin Bathrooms is the UK's market leader in fitted bathrooms and forms part of the HomeForm Group, along with Sharps<br/>Bedrooms, Moben Kitchens and Kitchens Direct. Calling on our customers at their homes for a pre-agreed appointment, you<br/>will conduct a professional design consultation, establishing the customers design requirements, measure and plan their<br/>bathroom, cost and complete the sale. We offer a high conversion rate within the industry and highest service levels.<br/><br/>Engaged in a self-employed capacity, our Design Consultants can work in a full or part-time capacity, following up on<br/>fully qualified leads supplied by our extensive showroom network.<br/><br/>Based from home, but with your own car, telephone and fax facilities, you will be supported by a local regional office.<br/>Previous sales experience is not required as you will benefit from a full induction focusing both on our product and on<br/>selling skills.<br/><br/>Training is on-going as we believe that with continuous development you will achieve the best possible results for<br/>yourself and the Company.<br/><br/>Suitable candidates will have:-<br/><br/> * excellent communication skills (you'll be confident and articulate)<br/><br/> * well presented<br/><br/> * be numerate (able to work in metric)<br/><br/> * be target driven (you'll be hungry for success)<br/><br/> * be self-motivated<br/><br/> In return you can earn OTE of &pound;30 - 50K, paid on a commission basis each week, along with incentives including luxury<br/> holidays. We'll also lease you a sample kit and full stationery.<br/>
  <Area>Not Specified</Area> 
  <Country>United Kingdom</Country> 
  <WorkHours>Not Specified</WorkHours> 
  <VisaRequired>Applicants must be eligible to work in the specified location</VisaRequired> 
  <Currency>British Pound . GBP</Currency> 
  <PayAdditional>£30,000 to £50,000 per year (OTE)</PayAdditional> 
  <Contact /> 
  <AdvertiserName>Dolphin Bathrooms</AdvertiserName> 

think ive solved it, if anyone else is having problems this is my code that seems to print everything out.

$feed = simplexml_load_file('Jobs_1295.xml');
foreach ($feed->children('') as $item) :

  foreach($item->children() as $child):

    foreach($child->children() as $c):

        foreach($c->children() as $d):

            foreach($d->children() as $e):
                echo 'Classification  = '.$d->Classification.'<br/>';
                echo $e->getName() .' = '.$e.'<br/>';
            echo '<hr/>';


you need to put the namespace url in the children() method to access them