Trouble locating FTP files that contain errors

I am in the process of repairing website page errors with the use of The problem that I am experiencing is that since my site was built in php, I am having a difficulty trying to find which files contain the identified errors when validating pages. It doesn’t appear that identifies the specific files where the errors exist. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could remedy this situation? Thanks.

The easiest way to find errors in this situation is to look at the line number that the validator returns then find that when you view the page source (Ctrl + U in most browsers) which will give you a much better idea of the specific HTML causing the issue, another thing to try would be to disable sections of code until it validates but that really isn’t a viable solution if you have a lot of core files been included.

Another tip I use, insert new lines (one at a time preferably) in parts of the code and see if the error moves down a line. If it moves down, the error is after the new line, if it stays where it is it is before or in a different file.

I backed up my FTP folder onto my computer and used Notepad to locate the appropriate files with errors and it worked like a charm.