Trip advisor seo

Trip Advisor has a very very strong presence for keyphrases with the word TRIP
e.g. TRIP CITYNAME nearly always brings up TRIP ADVISOR at #1 even although the pages DO NOT have the word TRIP included in the text or the metas.

is it ever going to be possible to target TRIP CITYNAME and expect to knock Trip Advisor off the top position?

Unlikely. They’ve been around for a long time. The strength of their domain will take some beating.

yes Hawk, that is true, maybe #2 or #3 would be good enough.

it seems Google treat TRIP as some kind of synonym for TRAVEL as most of the other pages that appear in the top 10 have TRAVEL and not TRIP in their content. if we target TRIP CITYNAME will we stand a good chance of replacing those TRAVEL keyword sites?

That’s quite likely. In general, Google makes a good job of interpreting the meaning of a given phrase, as welll as the actual words. I’ve seen many examples of it recognising synonyms in that way.

Keep in mind too that the word “trip” appears within “tripadvisor”, which is part of the site’s page titles and URLs. Those have always been positive signals in search engine rankings.


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