Trends in Google

What I’ve been seeing lately is that on-page SEO matters very little now and that lately its all been amount of squidoo/hubpages and other web 2.0 links that matters. I’ve seen lots of fairly new sites with very little unique content but lots of links from blog comments, forum posts, and web 2.0 properties(that people obviously create themselves to boost their rank) rise to the top. I am in the online gaming niche so I search for the Keyword “flash games”. I’m noticed brokentreegames and funfastgame rise on page 1. The second site is a bit older but doesn’t even mention “flash games” in its title.

Has this been your experience of SEO since the panda update?

Actually online content is actually MORE important these days with Google’s latest algorythem.

Not from the search results I’m seeing. Google says it is, but its search results don’t show it.