Transparent object over menu disables menu

I used a .png object over the Menu and (of course) the Menu items were disabled.

But what confuses me is why ALL menu items were disabled, even those very far to the right of the transparent object.

I used a high z-index for the transparent object. Is there a way to get the menu to work with the transparency over the menu bar but away from the menu items?

Are there any examples of this?



Put this style on the png image

.image {
pointer-events: none;

Thanks, but I just tried that and it didn’t seem to work…anything you can see?

#transpimage {
pointer-events: none;

That should work?

Try adding “width: 406px;” to #transpimage".

YES! Thank you, thank you, thankyou! Silly me, I forgot that # is for ID and . is for class (Pay attention to details!).