Transparency Issues with IE8 and Below

The PNG’s seem to display fine in every browser except IE8 and below. Any ideas why this would be? :nono:

It is because something is setting a background color on the two “li” (list) elements

Wouldn’t that be affecting all browsers and not just IE?

I dan’t currently test on IE which makes this somewhat of a pain.

I wouldn’t know. Using the developer tools in IE their is a background-color being applied to IE 8 and below. Removing that property solves the issue.

Thanks Logic! Hopefully I can get this worked out. Really weird that the div is only taking on a grey background in IE.
The slideshow images seem to be taking on a grey background only in IE 8 and below by inheriting a color from an LI item. Any idea why this would be?

Here’s a picture of a side by side comparison of Chrome and IE.

Looks like you’ve fixed this by using !important. The style causing the problem is being added inline, probably by the script. Anyhow, the !important overrules it anyway.


If IE has a silver lining, it would be its intolerance of orphan tags in HTML. That is the first thing to check when experiencing problems with IE. The HTML really should be squeaky clean. The css works better, too.

The following tags do not have corresponding open tags:

Line 137 has an unmatched </div>

Line 331 has an unmatched </span>

Line 341 has an unmatched </span>

Line 371 has an unmatched </span>

Line 417 has an unmatched </span>

I doubt that css within the body of the page is a good idea, either.

I do not know if the above findings will help or not, but it is the right place to start before tinkering with the css.

A couple more HTML items…

Line 11 (the favicon line): smart quotes don’t work here.

Line 434, character position 514: a space is needed between the quote and the “s”
ie: <img style="padding: 5px;"src="