Translated news/articles what about copy right

We are bit confused.

if we read the news in english and get it translated in local language(not ditto line by line transaction) and publish it somewhere
then does copy right from original content applies…

Some figures and othe information may be same…

how are things defined?

I’m not a lawyer, don’t hold a law degree and certainly don’t know much about law outside the US where you may be given your desire to translate articles… however as a general rule of thumb making a derivative work [that is a variation of what someone else made but clearly based on the original] would fall under the original copyright. The fact that you translated the article does not give you any rights to it.

There are fair use statutes that help protect certain sub-uses around media, education, humor, etc so depending on exactly what you are doing you may be able to claim one of those but they are not explicit rights and instead have to be supported if you are challenged.

Lets make this simplier
what if i read the article and then rewrite it on my own
what do you think about that?

more over how do you prove that the work is re written form
for eg,some days ago there was news of zukerburg saying ‘we made bunch of mistakes’…
when i googled i found more than 200-300 big sites which has virtually 85% same thing but just language was different…

how do you define that?
and specially sports news i find even local main newspaper of many countrries rewriting or bluntly saying translating the thing in local language.After all every newspapers of world doesnt have sports correspondent covering english premiere league in england.

If you write a news story based on the ‘facts’ you obtained from other sources, of course there is no problem. However, a direct translation may be problematic IMO.

well,thanks for the thoughts

I have said earlier that there wont be line by line translation.The original content will be read and rewritten in local language.

but information is going to be same…(which i think it falls into grey area now.Infact it may have been copied or information taken but may be hard to prove)

Now if somebody does same with my content ,how do i prove that it has been copied from me and copyrights are reserved on me?