Transferring Site to New Host Possibly

So I hired a Marketing company for advertising, and they rebuilt the site and wants me to point it to “their” server which I believe is AWS. The site is currently hosted on a private host server and I really like it. I do not mind switching host, but if I can saty with my current host, that would be ideal, and it seems that this is causing issues with them trying to get the rebuild site live.
So, I bought the domain name from NameCheap and used NameCheap to enter in the information from my private host server to point my domain name to his server. Now, in NameCheap there is no record of a Hosting Service. The site has been working fine and is producing.
In this case, what would be the best thing to do? The support at NameCheap is OK, but I am getting conflicting info depending on which agent is replying. The tech for the Marketing Company is really confused, and the woman I was working with on the site rebuild is on vacation, I think she gets back tomorrow.
Any help is greatly appreciated! J

It’s kind of hard to understand your situation. If the site is a rebuild, why did you buy a new domain name? If you are pointing a domain to a host, you just need a few details from the host so you can point the domain to them. It’s a very simple process.

To point your domain to a new site while maintaining your current hosting setup, confirm hosting with the marketing company, review DNS settings in NameCheap, contact your current host, coordinate with the marketing company, set up a staging environment, test the new site, update DNS if switching to AWS, backup and document changes, maintain clear communication with both parties, use NameCheap’s support for DNS changes, and have a rollback plan for deployment issues.

If you’re happy with your current host, stick with them! You can probably just upload the rebuilt site to your existing server space.

If the marketing company insists on AWS, that’s fine too. Namecheap is a domain registrar, not a hosting provider, so it won’t show your hosting info. You’ll need to update your domain’s nameservers at Namecheap to point to the new AWS server.

Can the marketing company use your hosting service? The problem with not using your own host is what happens when the relationship with your marketing company ends. Will they hold your site hostage? If the site is on your server, then it’s yours. I would push back to see if they would be willing to use your hosting company.

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