Transferring my DB onto another WAMP server onto my external HD


i have WAMP installd on my home laptop which contains a database called, ijdb_v2. Now, i also have a external hardrive. If i install WAMP onto my external hd, and make sure it works fine, what is the easiest and quickest way of transferring my ijdb_v2 from my laptop onto my external hardrive which would contain my WAMP server? without having to recreate my db from scratch.

Is this possible?
Please help if you can

Stop the MySQL service, then copy the entire MySQL data directory to the other hard drive.

Once i stop MySQL service on my WAMP controller, how do i gain access to the MYSQL data and copy it to my external hardrive?

I don’t know where WAMP puts it. Your my.ini file should tell you. The database is just a set of files and directories on your hard drive. A subdirectory is created for every database you create. The users and permissions you set up are stored the same way, in a database called “mysql” which is a subdirectory in the same location.

Yeah, i found it, in my.ini file there is a line, datadir=c:/wamp/bin/mysql/mysql5.1.36/data

so i located the path for this and discovered my db’s and tables stuff, thanks