Transferring from Yahoo Small Business

I have a web client who is currently hosted with Yahoo Small Business. Since we are building him a new WordPress site (and found out that Yahoo doesn’t do a good job hosting WP, not allowing .htaccess, etc.), we are looking to switch him over to a different host. He runs his own business and cannot afford to lose any of his email associated with the domain. The new host will transfer the old site over via FTP which includes the existing email addresses.

So here’s my question: in the research that I’ve done, it appears that Yahoo can be a pain to switch over from. Has anyone on this forum done this before (switch from Yahoo to another host), and are there any issues that Yahoo creates that I should be concerned about?

I am not sure what issue you are having? We have a customer moving in from Yahoo too, and he didn’t have any issue in switching. However, He has been with us since 2007, not sure what’s going on with Yahoo Small Business service right now. But if planing well, I don’t see any problem.