Transferring domain names away from Network Solutions?

I have been asked to be the registrar and choose a different domain provider, for 4 domains that are currently with Network Solutions, BUT, the existing registrant doesn’t have access to the relevant emails any more at a company I am doing work for. How would you handle this please? Anyone know an email address for NS?

I think you mean the registrant, don’t you? And you want to move them to a different registrar?

If they’re .uk domains, (, etc.) you can change the registrar through Nominet for a small fee.

[quote=“TechnoBear, post:2, topic:235908”]
I think you mean the registrant, don’t you? And you want to move them to a different registrar?
[/quote]Sorry, yep, I meant I would be the registrant, and I want to move them to a different registrar.

There’s some’s but there’s also some .com’s ?

Wouldn’t Nominet need to contact the original registrant?

There should be a Nominet account for the domains. Provided you have access to this (probably under the original registration e-mail address) you can just log in and change the registrar. It’s £10 + VAT and apparently that covers any number of domains. I’ve used this service and it’s very simple.

If you don’t have access to that account, you’ll probably need to provide proof to Nominet that the person/company you are working for is the legitimate owner and ask them to update the account with a new e-mail address.

Thanks, that’s appreciated. How about for the .com’s

Sorry - I don’t have any of those, so I don’t know. Hopefully somebody else will be able to help there.

Simply renew them with the new registrar - whatever period is outstanding gets transferred across with the new period added to the end of it so you don’t lose anything by paying early.

You will need codes provided by the current registrar to make the transfer in order to prove ownership.

Thanks, all sorted.

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