Transferring content to another site

I have a content-site SiteA and I’m starting another site called SiteB with currently no PR. I’m planning to remove some content/articles from SiteA and published it on SiteB. I’ll use 301 redirect from the old URL to new URL.

I’m hoping to give some search engine ranking to SiteB.
My SiteA would lose some search engine ranking because it lost content, but my SiteB will gain search engine ranking in the same amount. Would that be correct? Have anyone done this before?

Keep in mind that your site in general has no ranking. The individual pages within your site do.

yes it works… it usually takes some time but that’s normal… just keep on link building to help the new site…

If the content you are transferring has links to it, the link value will be transferred to the new pages and will help them rank. It might not be a straight swap like: old page on old domain gets 100 UV/day, therefore it will still get 100 UV/day on new site. Simply because we don’t know what benefit the old site is giving to that page.

Patience is the key, eventually it should be the same as it once was…

Redirection will work but I would suggest you just copy the content from siteA to siteB, if you’re concern with the PR, don’t… You can get PR in a short of time.

Funny you should suggest that.

Its Funny, you cant do that…
Google will consider that as duplicate content.
It can work Only if you remove the content from site A and put it on site B.

It won’t be considered duplicate content if the original page has a 301 on it. Alternatively, you could use rel=“canonical”.

did you transfer the WP database to your new site? you just have to take your time on building links.