Transferring a domain name from Network Solutions to GoDaddy - What happens to email?

I remade a website for a friend on GoDaddy ( His old website is on Network Solutions ( I want to transfer the domain from Network Solutions to Go Daddy so that when users go to it shows the new website I made. I’ve never transferred a domain name before, so I have some concerns before I do.

His entire company uses as their emails. I don’t want anything to happen to their emails when I transfer and I still want them to be intact. When I sign on to the Network Solutions account and click on the olddomain, it says:

OldDomain currently points to:

Domain Name Server (DNS) ( Edit )

So is this a third party in which the domain name is hosted on? When I asked a guy on the phone he said the emails are hosted on Nettica as well. The whole thing just confuses me. If someone can clear this up I would greatly appreciate it.


First, a domain name is simply a human readable substitute for the website’s IP address. So, changing the registrar should have NO effect on the website provided the correct DNS servers (DNSx.NETTICA.COM) are provided to the new registrar.

Second, perhaps I mis-read your question and you’re talking about moving your website rather than registrar. If that’s the case, you’d better hope that both the old and new hosts are using cPanel so ALL the information on the old host is transferred to the new host. The benefit there is that the e-mail information should be retained as well as the website scripts and databases.

Finally, if the friend is, indeed, a friend, let him know that GoDaddy has a horrible reputation as a host (despite a good reputation as a registrar). In other words, I’d advise AGAINST moving the website to GoDaddy.



try and update it to learn where your domain is pointed (its nameservers).
Then you can see from which hosting website is loaded.
You may try proxy like to see website one time how new visitors can see it.

Yes, the domain was hosted on a third party and the email too. The domain resolution remains active during the tranfer process. No need to worry about this.