Transfering an expired domain name

Is it possible to transfer an expired domain name ?

or it should be first renewed and then transfered ?

It a rule for many domain name registrars.

that I allready know.

my question is still open.

Well, if the domain name has just expired, (5 days), you can ask the current owner to renew the domain name, AND THEN, you can transfer it out to your domain registrar.
However, IF the current domain owner allows the expiration to lapse and if the domain goes into the REDEMPTION period, it can cost you a significantly high amount to get it out of redemption, and to renew it.

Hope this helps.

Aside from what ldcdc posted, I’ve also transferred an expired domain name to
another registrar. I was probably lucky that time, but I don’t do that anymore.

Reason mainly is registrars vary on their policies towards expired domain names.
Some won’t allow users to unlock after expiry, others can be more strict and it
can result in the domain being deleted.

Thus, it’s highly advisable to renew it before transfer if possible.

Opinions seem to vary indeed:

However, the official word should be the one from ICANN:

My domain name has just expired. Can my registrar require me to pay for a renewal before I can transfer to a new registrar?

No. Your new registrar of choice can initiate a transfer request on an expired domain name once they receive the required authorization from you. Expiration or nonrenewal of a domain name is not a valid reason for denial of a transfer request.

Note that if the registrar has already begun the deletion process on the domain name and its status shows it to be within a 30-day Redemption Grace Period, the name must be .restored. by your current registrar before it can be transferred.

That being said, it is not impossible you’ll find yourself fighting against internal registrar policies if you want to transfer an expired domain, and time is your enemy in this case.

Why not offer to buy the domain from the old registrar directly? In the redemption period, it’s their prerogative to sell it for what they can get for it. Give that a try and avoid the run-around with redeeming it and then transferring.



Renew then transfer. Chances are it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. I’m assuming the domain recently expired.

If the domain is already available to be registered, you can just register it with the registrar of your choice.

I’m not the owner of the domain.

I will give an offer to the owner. just need to know if it needs to be renewed before transfer.

note: just 5 days passed after the expiration day.

While it’s not a must, what’s discussed practically creates the need to renew it
rather than risk transferring it while expired. But…your choice how to proceed.

Chances are, they willll only “sell” or “redeem” it to the last listed registrant. No
harm trying, I guess, though I honestly doubt they’d sell it to anyone while it’s
in Redemption Grace Period (RGP).

Another thing to to the OP: should the domain be renewed with its registrar for
now, you can transfer it out 45 days after renewal due this so-called rule:

Just something to be aware of, even though that’s BS to some folks.

have you read what has been said above ?

it’s NOT a must. try to read before answering.

thanks. very strict reply.

Thus, it’s highly advisable to renew it before transfer if possible.

That is the must!

  1. renew domain name
  2. Then you will be able to transfer it.


don’t want to be rude but are you sure on this ?

you are just guessing.

anyone else who has knowledge ?

Well, in that case - you (the current domain owner) will definitely need to renew the domain first, before you can transfer it to yourself (after buying it from the current owner).