Transfer process and delay?

What’s the process for transferring domains between registrars - specifically, does the gaining registrar make a direct request to the losing registrar or is Verisign involved?

I’ve recently been transferring dozens of domains from GoDaddy to Name.

Usually the process is fast - the request from Name to authorise is usually received within minutes, and usually within an hour of my approval the transfer appears in the GoDaddy account and can be approved for instant transfer… so the whole thing is usually done in about an hour or two (sometimes less).

Today though, I’m getting delays with 3 domains… after approving transfer with Name, the transfer doesn’t appear in the GoDaddy account and instead the status is shown at Name with ‘Transfer Submitted ETA: 6 day(s)’.

Having spoken with GoDaddy they assue me they’ve not received a transfer request. And Name tell me they’ve submitted to Verisign.

Are these .com domains, or what? The transfer process is different for different TLDs.

Sorry - my error… they’re .coms.

No problem - but I don’t have any .coms, so I’m afraid you’ll need to wait for assistance from somebody more knowledgeable on the subject.

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