Transfer domain - new domain

I have two thoughts about domains somebody might be able to shed some light on.

  1. I want to transfer a domain to another account but the website is hosted with a different company. Is there any risk when I transfer the domain that the website will have any problems due the transfer of the domain?

  2. Let’s say I buy a domain name that has been expired will the domain names PR still be valid or do I start from scratch with the domain.

All help appreciated.


You are welcome. Feel free to post in here anytime you are having issues.
Good luck.

thanks for the feedback guys!

If you upload the pages to the new hosting before you transfer where the domain points and keep it on the old hosting for long enough after that for the DNS update to propogate to all DNS then no one will be aware of the move (unless you have to disable user updates on the old hosting in which case anyone going to the old hosting therough a DNS that hasn’t yet updated will net be able to make updates).


The hosting has nothing to do with the domain name (other than the obvious - it serves the pages for that domain name). The domain name’s registrar points to the DNS at the host and that’s all there is to that.

As for PR, you’ll only keep it if the pages are still being served. The domain name does not “own” the PR - the pages do.



No need to change domain name registrar while changing web hosting.
About expired domain names: that is not so easy to get such domain name as said. There are a lot of people which follow such domain names and once you get such domain name in reg fee you are in luck. Really.

Thank you DK for the answer,

So will the DNS keep pointing to the same host or will it be interupted if you transfer the domain to another account? I have godaddy as a domain registrar.