I have a blog about Health Care,And i want to know how can i increase good number of traffic at my blog.

Thanks in Advance.

If you have good content then Google will pick it up and it will show on Google search results. Some people might also link to it and that cut out some work for you.

So I’d say, put a good content first and your halfway to getting good traffic.

back links, good content, and backlinks :wink:

join health forums and health related communities. In that way, you will gain traffic from reliable sources.

Find somewhere that targets your niche - like a forum.

Time and Luck play an important role at times. Can’t under estimate those. Can’t expect to get rich in the first 20 minutes, but maybe after 5 years you’ll have a steady worthwhile income. The luck factor just comes in if maybe you’ll become viral on the internet for something which can be random at times.

I’d focus on your content and write your own content. I’m in the health and fitness niche and I have had great success in the first 9 months. No I’m not bringing in 100s a day, but I’ve at least broken through the first barrier of getting a low daily stream of traffic. I plan on starting some viral campaigns once I get them figured out. I also had a website before this that failed to do anything for a year, but at the end I was getting better, so when I did start my blog I had visitors from the first post. Natural visitors well ok the Google bots, but after the first week I was indexed and had a few real ones.

If you can’t write well your only luck might be creativity.

Read this article and add your blog in the list of directory

Reading the content on your site, most of it makes no sense for eg " its time for treatment you can" " you own diagnosis" etc. Perhaps you are using a spinner. Without good content , it is hard to get traffic. I sugest you rewrite the content, and hopefully you will get traffic.

You have a very steep hill to climb. Health is one of the most competitive niches out there. However, I took a look at your site, and I have to ask - who wrote your content? It looks like you took content and ran it though a spinner, because most of it doesn’t make any sense, like:

“cosmetic dentist in New York City, Mark is a recognized measure Liechtung appropriate development of mobile smile. The price of this change, the cost of about $ 1,500 helicopters false.”

What does that even mean?

Without good content, you’re never going to get the backlinks you need to move up in the search results. And if you never move up in the search results, you’ll never see the traffic you want.

Remember, you have (literally) millions of competitors out there. What makes you different? Why should someone choose your blog over the millions of choices out there? Having content that’s fresh, compelling, and informative is the only way to do it.

social media becomes one of the most popular medium this days…join SN sites and participate and be active there…

No native speaker of English is going to bother trying to read your content the way you have it written, no matter how much traffic you get.

If English isn’t your first language, and you don’t have a working understanding of English, then you’ll be better off writing your content in your native tongue. Based on the way your content is written I would say Hindi.

Add your blog link over twitter, facebook and other social networking sites. These sites are highly responsible to increase the traffic for a site.

By leaving comments to other’s blogs. You leave your blog address there but it should be relevant to the post. or could take part in blog top sites.

write regular content eg, atleast daily and everytime you write ping your blog. after a week or two you can stop pinging and instead start adding various psts to different social networking sites

if you know how to use social networks like facebook or twitter you can get some good traffics to those two social networking sites that i mentioned.

You can increase topics by following these instructions.

  1. The blog should be regularly updated.
  2. Post forums related to your blog.
  3. Register in some link exchange site.
  4. Submit your blog in Google webmaster.
  5. Select the best key words.

Best of luck


Do what ever you can, update your blog daily , google caffine will index it

Subscribe your website in as many directories as possible, on portals and for the content use keywords that are most searched on Google(but to be related with the content).
Also subscribe the website on Google Analytics and see there which are the most searched key words on your website.

I saw that you have data from Alexa traffic estimator. Personally i wouldn’t advice you to trust the data from there because they give wrong details and far away from the truth. I tested it. I advice you to use Google Analytics or

Yes it is recycled content with very bad grammar. I don’t think you need to think about traffic right now…think about content first.

You forgot the number one - content that is worth reading and, in the case of a blog, regularly updated. If you don’t have that, it doesn’t matter a damn how well you promote your site, because people won’t look at it.