Traffic went Free Fall


In the last couple days, my website’s traffic went from daily 1k to 3 hundreds. Anyone know what might be the cause or where I should check for the cause? I noticed in google crawler, I have 44 Not Found Errors and 5 Not Found in Sitemap errors.

It could be any number of things.

Are the “not found” errors on pages that should be there? If so, it sounds like your site has gone offline for a while, which means that (a) anyone trying to visit your site at that time won’t have been able to find it, and (b) if it is offline for too long, Google is likely to lose interest and drop it down the rankings. On the other hand, if those “not found” errors are for pages that don’t exist, or haven’t existed for a long time, it won’t be anything to do with that.

How is your site’s ranking in the search engines doing? Is it still in the same kind of place in the results as it was before, for common queries?

I changed some of the categories names for my blog and I see why Google Crawler can’t find those categories link. As for individual blog posts, I do not know why the Not Found link showed up in google crawler has /Cachedyou and / attached to the end of the blog post. EX:
my site is still rank 2 and still the same kind of place in the results for common queries. Now my traffics can’t pass 200.

Well, I think it’s Google Panda. They just updated their search engine so more relevant sites will come out form searches. Try to improve your content by adding original articles and avoid copying contents from other sites.

Can you post more info?

What is your site’s niche?
Who are your target audience?

All the articles are original with cited source and few PR releases with cited source too. I took all the pictures and videos by myself.

Whats your Google analytics say? What percentage of traffic came from where and where is the drop? Referal sites? Organic google?

89% from google and 80% is organic. Now only 68% oragnic. Could it possible be the crawler error in the Sitemap? I changed the categories name and the previous category names showed up in the sitemap error in google webmaster tool. Also, would a redirection plugin helpful when google crawls my blog?

Look at the source of those organic searches… which keywords took the biggest hit? how much did they drop?

I think google panda is create problem in your traffic generate. You are updates your website and avoid the copy write content and used the unique content and get high quality backlink .I think after to follow this step you can changing in your google analytics audience…

I feel that is a key and that’s what Panda update is all about it. I am sure your website would be ranking higher in your keywords now as compare to the past.