Traffic Trade

Hi guys,

I have a few flash arcade game sites and i was wondering whever google punishes these types of sites for traffic trades and banner exchanges.

I see alot of other sites using this and generating alot of traffic but they have been around a while and my sites are only a few months old.


I have heard of and in the past used traffic exchanges. But must confess I have never heard of traffic trading Must look it up

If you mean increasing traffic by exchanging banners and links, then I don’t think you will be penalized. However, be very sure to give link back to only credible sites.

Hi sry was away for a while didnt get chance to read the replies.

Traffic trading is pluging games.

In other words if someone comes to your arcade site to play a game when they click play it takes them straight to your partners site to play that game and visa versa.

But you do link to each other via a traffic stats page.