Traffic? Paid or Unpaid?

most effective way to generate traffic is social media optimization that is make a big network of your brand on all social media profiles and make sure network contain only person those are interested in your services so that there is more chances that they going to your sites and help you to increase traffic

To answer your title’s question, I’d definitely say both (paid & unpaid).

Paid traffic tends to get overlooked by those who immediately shy away from spending money. The bottom line is, successful PPC campaigns are run by those who test & test with minimal daily caps set - not those who throw gobs of money at one Adwords campaign and hope for the best (although that sometimes works). Then once something sticks, it becomes easy to scale with reduced risk because you know your ROI will eventually be in the positive.

But if you can generate enough traffic using unpaid methods, well, why not stick with that?

Good idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and answering my question. It really helps. I try both process, both really works however I can say that consistency is really the key…

It’s rare that a company grows on social alone, although rare doesn’t mean impossible, but it takes a very special campaign and usually a well known brand or compelling offering (i.e. not a product for sale) to “go viral” enough to bank on social alone.

Social is an engagement, brand building and consumer sentiment tactic that, when done right, makes other campaigns far more powerful by insuring the right user validation exists and is seen by prospective customers. However social in and of its self does not normally drive the traffic needed to get enough customers in the door thus companies will use push tactics to get people to their marketing messages.

Again, these can go hand in hand like a facebook ad to increase likes or a banner ad with reviews but the whole point of social is to get it seen, not just to have it.

Agree with you Ted. As for paid and unpaid i’ll go for both.

work on both in seo something works for one site n something for others its not conform what fits best for your website

There is a generation of people who do not get on FB or Twitter. Where to place emphasis in SEO and PPC is depending on the nature of business.

Both free and paid traffic are traffic sources for sure. How about testing paid traffic first and then optimizing for most profitable keywords so that you rank high on them?

Both of them should be used. Have you not heard of this quote!

Use money to make more money.
From both of them, you are after getting potential customers.

only organic traffic works paid traffic wont give u leads.

I think the majority of established businesses and google’s entire profitability would disagree with you on this. Paid traffic from a source like search results or ads is, by it’s very nature, targeted and in the purchase funnel. How would that not be able to convert?

its the best way to get the more and more traffic. many SEO experts suggest this method which help to arrise the keyword ranking. i m also working on my site and also using this method/
thanks for sharing

Agree. Paid traffic is not always bad. When you are getting traffic from search engine CPC campaigns, you will get natural targeted traffic.

But when we compare search traffic with organic search traffic ROI of paid traffic is low.

But if you compare social media site with search engine traffic, search engine traffic has the highest conversion rate.

If you want to get the temporary traffic then ppc is well but i will suggest you that organic listing is best from all of others…
if you will be on the 1st page in the organic listing then you will get more then 60% traffic instead of ppc…

Don’t ignore the importance of quality. SEO is generally the bigger driver of traffic but depending on your model, may have a much different conversion value… lower or higher.

Also keep in mind that while search listings are always important to have an eye on, they can not be scaled up on any sort of predictable or time sensitive basis… thus most businesses turn to paid search as a baseline and work to optimize over the long haul. One does not have to do A or B, but rather you should be doing both.

I’d love to see some stats that support this.

In general best practices say that conversion of social media traffic at the low end people are not on to buy – it’s a long term driver and part of the early stages of research.

Organic Search is strong but in most categories paid search is near, at or often higher converting. People don’t identify every paid ad on engines but they know the general spots and tend to go to them when they want a purchase option rather than research… thus higher conversions.

Both paid and unpaid traffic are useful but unpaid traffic is the most important and long term.

As Ted has mentioned, nothing is impossible but paying for traffic will certainly speed up the process and bring you results much faster. If money is something you cant dish out immediately, than try the unpaid approach until you get some effective financial results. However, keep in mind you will have to invest lots of time, time, time!.. and patience. (:

Natural search engine traffic is for medium and long term. Takes time, but it’s solid. Paid traffic for short and medium term and to give a boost to your site, but it has to be highly targeted as well. Both useful, anyway.

I’ll personally go for both. Paid for short term traffic and long term (6 months and over) with free search traffic. Of course, free by the use of your time writing your own content and getting it accepted in the best networks. It works quite well:cool: