Traffic Management

Considering that your website achieve outstanding page rank but sadly you have a poor traffic. What techniques would you do to have more traffic.

I think the easy way to get more traffic is doing social networking such as comment on forum, share information on forum, doing social bookmarking, remember get anchor text inside

I doubt that a site having higher PR will have low traffic. Since PR is a “stone age” concept, stop concentrating on it and engage with your audience with highly trafficked websites in a positive, helpful manner. You’ll slowly start increasing your traffic that way.

There are all sorts of different scenarios you could have here, and the first thing is to track down exactly what is going on. The correct solution will depend on correctly analysing the problem.

For example:

1 - You have high PR but don’t do well in the other factors Google consider, so your site isn’t appearing near the top of the search results.

2 - Your site is only appearing at the top of the search results for very rare queries, and doesn’t rank well for common queries where it would be relevant.

3 - Your site appears in a good position in the search results for popular and relevant terms, but people just aren’t clicking on it.

4 - Few people are searching for queries where your site would be a relevant answer.

5 - The most relevant page on your site isn’t the one that shows up in searches (eg, always gives the home page even when there’s a deep page that would be better).

Other things to think about:

  • Do you have a small core of regular visitors who keep coming back to the site again and again, or do people visit just once and then disappear for good?
  • Do people arrive at the site from search engines or other pages?
  • If from search engines, do they all arrive from similar queries or a variety? Are they coming from searches where your site is relevant, and are they landing on the right pages?
  • If you were to land on your site from Google, would you understand immediately what it was about and where to click next?

sofomor and Stevie D give great advice. I think the key is too forget about PageRank, too many people get caught up about it. You want traffic and you want to be able to convert that traffic, pagerank will come.

Go through the points outlined by Stevie D and do it thoroughly, you will definitely find out why your traffic is lagging behind.

If you’re using some sort of site analytics tools like Google Analytics, you could look at the sources of traffic there and look at the pages where the people usually stay, and the ones where the drop-off rates are high. You can try working on those possible traffic sources where you’re not doing so well, or haven’t used yet. About the pages, make sure that they’re ranking for the relevant keywords so that they’re going to appear on the search results for their corresponding keywords.