Traffic for non-closable java script

I want traffic for my non- closable java script. can anyone suggest me who can provide me that

Could you please elaborate? What is “non- closable java script”? Why would you need traffic specifically for that?

I don’t think that any such thing exists - at least nothing I can think of that even remotely fits that description is able to be done in JavaScript,

I could not find anything on Google either. This is baffling.

Another language barrier problem?

Are there no dev forums in India?

If I had trouble communicating in Non-English, I wouldn’t go to a non-English site.

Anyway, welcome to the forum @abhijit
But I think you will need to explain what you mean before anyone here will be able to help.
(Maybe Google Translate could help?)

Yep, found it…

“Non-closable Java script”. The holy grail that traps people into looking at ads that cannot be closed. If the user closes the page and opens it again, the ad will still be connected. If the host web site is written with non-closable Java scripts, the user will be unable to leave the web site. If he closes his browser and opens it again, the web site will be running in a background tab. This technique will gradually capture all of the web users in the world and create high Google page ranking for the host site.

(Warming up for April Fools Day. )


@ronpat great, I need information regarding this. how it is working and who are the service providers? How can one advertise with them?

@abhijit If you are unfamiliar with “April Fools Day” I suggest you try doing a Search for it.
It will broaden if not illuminate your understanding.

At least your reply has answered my previous post

But I think you will need to explain what you mean before anyone here will be able to help.

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