Traffic exchanges efective or not?

I see alot of traffic exchanges out thier I seen both comments that thier are effective form some and that they are a wast of time form others. Whats your opinion and why?

On my point of view traffic exchange is not good for general website promotion. Why, because it is only used by webmasters who are surfing to earn traffic to their website. They are not really interested for other sites.

It will increase some traffic,but it’s not everything.Only good contents will bring you steady traffic.

It’s good to get mailing list. If you put a splash page, saying “free ebook on xxx”, and ask for name and email, you can build up a mailing list.
You can also get followers for your blog, but dont put Google Adsense.

no use ,especially for shopping website.

I also agree with these persons. The traffic exchanges are not much effective. Most of the traffic exchange sites will reciprocate the traffic that they will receive in their site.

It’s not good as you can only get a junk traffic from it.

The quality of traffic is not very good, but you need to try and target the kind of people that are using exchanges. Also you should always use capture pages when it comes to using traffic exchanges

Nope. People who view your site aren’t really interested. They just want the same thing as you - traffic.

The traffic exchange is only so good. I ran an adult site for example, and our design was most excellent and when we exchange links/traffic they’re traffic ended up sticking to my site. It can be good if you find relevant sites and your site dwarfs them in design and attractiveness.