Traffic estimator very innaccurate


Traffic estimator says the keyword (in exact match and in US) will get up to max 1.34 clicks a day, even if I set max cpc at $200 just to test. However Google keyword tool says it gets 22,200 monthly in US.

There are no ads currently for this keyword could that be the reason why traffic estimator is very inaccurate?
If keyword gets 22,200 monthly visitors why just 1.34 a day I should expect?


Two things – even if you make the maximum bid, you probably won’t be the only one bidding for those keywords, so not everyone searching will see your advert. And second, most people don’t click on the advert links but go for the organic search results below.

ok could it be that traffic estimator is wrong since there’s no one advertising for the keyword?

Each time I search keyword there’s no ads anywhere in

That’s also a likely explanation!

1.34 clicks a day on an ad that is on a page that only gets 22200 views a month sounds a bit high to me.

So you mean it’s normal this? I though at least I’ll get say 50-100 clicks or more a day if the keyword gets 740 searches a day (assuming also I paid highest bid). But it just says 1.34 :slight_smile:

As Stevie D already mentioned - most people when searching are looking for something in the organic search results and ignore the paid ads completely. You should expect to get well under 1% of people actually clicking on ANY ad that appears and probably a lot less than 0.01% given that what they are really looking for is probably right there under the ads.

Even on content pages the number of people clicking on ads after they’ve read the content they were looking for is usually under 2%.

So that would be why I almost got none clicks in a PPC campaign in Bing, thanks for mentioning the traffic estimator, I didn’t know about that, could be useful.


Therefore that is why everyone says generate a list of hundreds of keywords… so more traffic.
I though I could just bid one 1 high traffic :rofl:

So I have to generate a huge list of keywords so obviously then I get more traffic.
Is that correct?

Thanks !