Traffic and their proportionality to number of articles or volume of content

On the Mark Mansion website, there are 210 URLs as of today. Recently he has posted on his Twitter account that he received 2Million+ Unique IP hits every month and the same is also verifiable by the anticipated traffic given by

I had a notion to get millions off traffic one should have at least 1000 articles/blogs and each should be a minimum of 1000 words to get googles attention, but the above is negating my belief.

A couple of days back I also landed on a Linux blog, which has 367 blog articles, and a showed 4.7 Million Traffic.

Question: Those who have active and significant traffic blogs can please share their experience of website traffic as compared to the amount of content they have created.

P.S. I understand not all 200 articles will have millions of traffic, but I am trying to get some real insight on content creation and their proportionality to the traffic.

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I think it’s a question of Quality over Quantity.
If you have 1000 articles of a 1000 words full of fluff, no one will care.
If you can create content that genuinely interests people, you are in with a chance of having a popular site.

Google’s attention is not enough, nor it Google the only route to a site.
To get that level of traffic you need to get the attention of real people. They will need to like your content enough to want to share it with others, be that from their own sites/blogs or social media, ect, etc…
Write a bit of fluff: nobody cares.
Write a lot of fluff: nobody cares, but it took you longer to achieve that.
Write something good: some people may take an interest.
Write a lot of good stuff: you may get a following (if you are lucky).


Hi there @SamA74 Thanks for your input.

High-quality, engaging, and relevant content is very important. All successful bloggers are great storytellers.

I am aware of that, but the more I see sites sitemaps now I realize as you also said a “Low Volume”, but high-quality content is able to derive insane traffic.

at the end of the day you just have to create quality and not quantity

I dont this so it is about how many articles you post. It is about the quality, if you write only one quality article it is more worth than 100s of other the articles with low quality.

All sources and professionals talk about quality) There are several reasons for this:

  • the user is interested in reading unique content that is not found anywhere else6 the user stays longer, goes further through the site, Google likes it
  • they start using your content as a resource and linking to it, links appear to you and Google sees it and Google likes it
  • you have interesting pictures, people see them, see that they are unique and go to your site, Google likes it

well, it’s clear that this is in an ideal picture of the world) roughly speaking, users should go to your site not from Google advertising, stay on it for a long time and read/interact with your content

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