Traffic analytics script where you can add the same code to all domains?

With Google Analytics, you have to create a new profile for each domain, and post different code on each domain.

I’d like a traffic stats script (or website) where you can just add the same code for any domain, and that domain will be automatically tracked, even if it’s a new domain. So if I have 100 domains and then add the same code to the 101st domain, it will track that domain fine.

Doesn’t matter if the script needs to be hosted on your own server, or if it’s 3rd party like Google Analytics. It can be commercial too if it’s got an unlimited domain license. Anyone know of something like this?

Does each domain need to have separate reports?

I’d like for it to be possible to view separate reports by domain, as well as aggregate reports (and/or reports by channel, where a single channel can be used for all domains to collect aggregate reports).

Is anyone aware of anything that can do this?