Trademark and Copyright Infringement

is illegal to use any term of wordpress in a domain?
or joomlablablabl

Ide like to know the answer to that as well - I use it thats why???

what domain do you have?

Domain Names aren’t subject to copyright. Help me out gang, but if I wanted to, I could get if it wasn’t taken, or if Microsoft let theirs expire, I could buy it, without being sued (okay maybe not that one, hehe).
But I see your specific question is analogous to this : Could/would Coke sue me for copyright infringement? It might matter if it’s a .com, which is US-based(?) other domains might not, but I would still tend to lean towards, no, IMHO what you doing is fine. I f Wordpress wanted to protect themselves from this, they could’ve bought all the names. At least if they sue you, they will still have to buy the domain from you. Haha.
Interesting point…

bottom line thats a direct YES - and you will be … that the meaning youre now - so get it down - if where you dont knock a multimillion dollar franchise over the head with a name like that …

Generally speaking, you don’t register a domain bearing a trademark to make any
money off of that. And if you look around, the WordPress people have forbidden
their mark for WordPress in their domains except, say, those with initials “wp”.

Don’t know about Joomla, but look around.

or joomlablablabl

I believe if there is no trademark with such name you can use that domain name with no problem.