Tracking work time for multiple clients using different time-tracking apps?

I’m experiencing the following inconvenience with tracking freelance/contract working times:

Each client I do contract work for has a different time-tracking setup and uses a different time-tracking app. I have a contractor that asks me to track my time in Toggl, another one in Hubstaff and a 3rd one asks me to use TimeDoctor. On top of that, I have to track my projects in UpWork. So I’m using 4 different time-tracking apps and it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Has anybody else had a similar issue and how do you handle that?

I do long term hour-based contract work, i.e. not just a single project or on a fixed price basis. Hence they want to track my time with the rest of their team and see how many hours I’ve worked. They have their own workspace setup in a different tracking tool and ask me to track my time there along with the rest of their team. The only way to achieve that is to use the same tracking tool as they do. If I use a different tracking tool, my time won’t appear in their workspace/they won’t be able to proactively monitor my time. So I’m inconvenieced with juggling with multiple time-tracking tools.

Does anybody has the same issue or I’m just being pretentious here and other freelancers are OK with doing this for their clients? I totally get it from a client point of view so I wouldn’t try to make them change their time-tracking method but perfectly it would be best for me to have a more convenient way of tracking my time.