Tracking PPC's within my own site (no external sites)

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So today i’m facing a problem, my problem is that my fellow worker that’s thinking of everything SEO (it’s my brother :stuck_out_tongue: ) is wanting to make sure my method i think will work is okay with Google.

What the task is
We have ads which we need to track each click because we do our own PPC (pay per click)

My method
Let’s say there is a ad on page “A” with a href of the destination page, page “B” so when the user clicks on this link they will be prevented to go through so that i can redirect them to a tracking page (original href is passed through to this page for redirecting) and once the tracking page is done logging the click it redirect the user to page “B” which is the destination page.

My thoughts
From my knowledge Google will follow the href to the destination page and not follow to the tracking page because it’s handled with javascript, although i also know that google can go through your javascript and follow those links.

Question time kids, gather around
What are you fine people thinking about this method of tracking, will it be good will Google and if not is there other methods?

Thank you all for reading

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