Tracking of Widget changes (Embed Code) - HOW?


I have been searching for freelance software developer on different websites for
a while but failed to find him for the software I need. Been studying and
researching a lot how could i come as close as possible to the solution i am looking
for: what needs to be done is changes tracking (monitoring) of graphical widgets
(Embed code) that contains speedometers. Similar to the one(s) behind the steering
wheel in a car. Each speedometer contains different circular areas and what I want is
to track (and get screen pop up alerts) when it graphically travels from one to another
circular area. Of course i would want to request where is starting area and where is
destination area. If destination area is reached then alert should occur. There are
around 500 different Embed Codes (speedometers) to be tracked. Each approximately
once per 15 minutes but it would be great if i can define this ‘‘check time’’ manually. In
order to present my question better, I will use an example:

Lets say I have speedometer on the following website (e.g. one of around 500 different
speedometers to be tracked):

The widget of Embed Code is here:

but unfortunately it does Not seem to contain anything about pointer of speedometers
(arrow) dynamic status.

I am wondering if there is any software or any custom solution where would I track the changes in traveling of a pointer? I define the condition which must happen in order for alert to occur. E.g. movement from ‘‘Sell’’ to ‘‘Buy’’ circular area. Or even better: particular pieces of each circular area so from one piece of one circular area to another piece of another circular area?

Is there any such tool or programming solution that could do what i want?

Thank you a MILLION time in advance, your reply would be highly appreciated.

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