Track Your Rank Using the Google API

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First time when read this article, i had rated this article to 10 Great but when i used this it does not show the actual position in google is. I have used your full code as prescribed. The position in google is 1 but from this code it show in the 9th position. What may be the reason. please suggest me at or if possible. Also i need to know how to find search position in MSN and Yahoo search engines using PHP.

When you typed your question, did you get a warning stating:
Warning! You are replying to a thread which is more than 43 months old.? That should have been the clue that what you were going to attempt probably has changed significantly…

On your demo for the tracker. I entered an API which i think was the right one, but not sure as there are so many. Anyway the results are as follows:

Searching your url in Google…
An error occured: HTTP Response 404 Not Found

Retrying in 10 secs.
An error occured: HTTP Response 404 Not Found

I am going to be selling my google soap api key, if anyone didn’t get one.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method SOAP_Fault::doGoogleSearch() - this is what I get using this cose. SOAP module is from latest PEAR repository.

who want to sell google soap api?

Nice article… i am using above script but getting following error…

<b>Call to undefined method SOAP_Fault::doGoogleSearch()</b>

can you please provide us a SOAP library and “GoogleSearch.wsdl”. which are mentioned in the code?

Thanks in advanced,

You must have been working hard for this post and coding. Excellent work and thanks

Why don’t you just use a site like SearchPresence? Seems easier than getting all the SOAP stuff.