Track MAC address using php

I want to track MAC address of my client machines using php.

As for example, one php script (cron job) is running at my server and I have 100 clients. Whenever one of them connect with my server then the php script track that client automatically and track record.

Now my question is that is it possible to track MAC address using php? If yes then how?

Is anybody here who can solve ths problem?

AFAIK, MAC addresses are not available to the server in any way. You can track users w/ sessions or IP addresses.

I have a problem on my site and have been needing the exact same answer .

I have a comment system where anonymous users can post ( bad idea I know ) , but my users are really really limited to basics on a PC and all asked for it to be that way.

Unfortunatley there are those who use this to attack and verbally abuse others. I have a list of comments and IP addresses but many people share the same IP addresses through the Service providers , hence I need something static and unique from the users PC’s , be it MAC address CPUID or anything.

Any suggestions to getting a “unique id” from users are welcome as it will make my like so much easier. I can get their IP , browser type and version but thats about all.

Many thanks

I am able to track mac/physical address of my server through php script but I am unable to track mac/physical address of my client machines. But I think their should be some way to track mac address through php.

Maybe there is a way with javascript , ASP or something , I dont really care , surely there is something …

Set a cookie and if they post a bad comment then ban that cookie. As far as I understand there is no way to track the MAC address without the actual computer sending the information (eg, a program sends the MAC address out).

If PHP could get your MAC address then no-one would use it.

You will be unable to see anyone’s MAC address unless you are on the same subnet as they are on. Once a packet goes through a router, you will only see the MAC address of the router - not of the machine that sent the packet.

There is that to it, plus PHP would have to have local access to your machine.