Total newbie needs some questions answered please!

I appologize in advance, but on a scale of 1-10 in IT literacy, i’m a 2
I want to build a website that can capture people’s various demographic data and automatically sort and store that data in a database. So for example the site will ask people to either enter or click/check-off boxes with name, address, age, gender, hobbies, etc. Once they enter this info, i will have it all sorted by these different parameters in my database. If later i need to find all women 18-25, i can simply “pull” it from the database.
I’d like to hire an in-house programmer for this project.
So my question (several in fact):
What is such a project called?
What qualifications do i need to look for in a programmer and what to post on a job offer (btw, is it a programmer or a web designer that i’ll be looking for?)
What is needed on my end? (my own server or regular hosting will do?)
Any additional info I havent considered?

You all seem to be an authority in such matters so I thank you in advance for your consideration and am eagerly awaiting your response.

I suppose a broad description of your project is a database driven information collection application.

You will need a website developer who is able to code in html (for the user interface - data input form etc), a server side programming language like php or asp etc to do all the data processing. The developer will also have to be able to build the database (most likely MySQL) to store and retrieve all the user data as required. The developer will also probably need to be able to code in Javascript (including using ajax) depending on your project requirements.

Regarding hosting, if you have your own web server then great, otherwise any reputable web hosting provider offering php and mysql services (which most do) should be ok for your application.

So i wander around the internet and land on your site, which asks me to enter a lot of personal data. which button am I most likely to click next???

Clue - it begins with B, has four letters in it and ends in k.

Why on earth would I tell you this personal data? Oh, and many countries has laws about storing personal data about people and what uses you can make of that data. Usually you have to tell the person what their data will be used for, and make no other use than those you declare.

This is a relatively simple project you are after - entering data and storing it in a database, then retrieving it, presumably via a secure admin section for yourself only. 10^n sites do this sort of thing all the time, where n is >6. (I’ve made several sites where the owner enters data, and the public view it). Keeping it secure, validating the input and preventing others from accessing it are the only problems. That and the legal matters.

But I still think I know which button most people will click on next.

The information will be kept secure, but clicking on the “back” button depends entirely on what the site is offering you, imho.
anyways, thanks for the feedback.