Total beginner trying to get markup from wordpad to browser successfully

Can anybody help me pls? I am completely computer illiterate.

Following the Build your own web site by Ian Lloyd and having real problems with book. On chapter 2, making the first basic web page by putting markup in my text editor and then when opening with my browser, I can’t for the life of me, get it on the screen as an actual document, i.e it just opens as the exact markup (set up codes, eg <head> etc) and not how it should appear as a web page. I checked the codes and everything appears perfect. There is no provision for this in the book to even help. I’m so frustrated. Can anyone help me?:confused:

Are you saving the file as .htm? Soundes like you’re just saving it as a wordpad file. You need to click file > Save as. In the drop down box under the file name choose ‘all files’ and then save your file as chapter.htm or whatever you want to call it. It must have a .htm or .html file extension for it to work.

With WordPad you need to select “Save As Type” of Plain Text and give the file a .htm or .html extension

I recommend you use a different app like notepad++ or [URL=“”]crimson editor. Then as mentioned above make sure you save the file as filename.html

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I also highly recommend you change editors, Wordpad is not a plain-text or code editor, it’s a word processor and therefore not really suited to the task (it could perform it but it would be using a tool against it’s purpose). Notepad++ is an excellent product and it’s entirely free, there’s loads of decent free editors out there (if you are going to use a Windows utility then use Notepad instead - and it has less distracting stuff, just a text box to enter code). If you tell us what kind of things you would like in the editor to make your life easier perhaps we can give you something which will better suite your needs. :slight_smile: