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Im new here, i want to know how many posts i can create on my newly created forum per day? is there any limitations or i can post unlimited? im sing smf forum.

I don’t know anything about that particular software, but surely if it’s your own forum you would have Admin privileges, and any limits set would not apply to you?

i mean is there any affect of SEO or google rankings if i flood post?

It’s the quality of your content which is most important. Making a large number of high quality posts because you have something of interest or value to say is not the same as making a large number of vague or Spammy posts just to fill up the forum.

you mean i can update 1 or 2 posts per day per the quality must be good. or may be 100 posts with good quality, there is no issue?

Think about writing for humans, rather than for search engines.

Are the posts you are writing going to be of interest to visitors to your forum? Are those posts going to make them want to read more, and return to the forums again and again? Or are those posts going to make them feel that you are just posting for the sake of posting, and trying to fill up space?

If the content is of good quality, and genuinely of interest to visitors, then search engines won’t care if you make one post per day or one hundred.

very nice suggestion

thank you

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