Topic tabs that won't show in right color

I have a site that I took offline because it wasn’t making me money. I have reconfigured it to a new purpose, and have a nav bar. On the nav bar, I have specific details in the stylesheet as to what the colors are supposed to be for the words. One of them is not cooperating. What do I do to correct that? BTW, I found it super simple to make the changes I made, even though I am 16-18 months since last working in CSS. Doesn’t go away that fast, I guess.

You’re going to be hard pressed to get good answers if you don’t show us the code in question, and identify what you mean by ‘not cooperating’

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Okay, here ya go:
#nav li {

#nav a{

#nav a:link {
color:yellow; }

I don’t know what’s going on. It may be the browser I am using to look at it, don’t know. The letters are supposed to be white, but one of them shows yellow. Its still usable, hover color is right, but it is not white, like the others.
How much code do you need to see to get a glimpse of the problem? The site is offline for now.

We also need to see the html, or the css doesn’t really mean a whole lot.

Yup. Unvisited links follow the :link pseudoclass. So whichever one of the nav ones is yellow, you havent visited yet.

If you want it all to be white, take out the bit that’s making something yellow. :wink:


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